Mahoosuc Arts Council Brings Multicultural Experience to the Bethel, Maine. Jan 4-5, 2012

January 4 and 5 of 2012 Mahoosuc Arts Council is bringing Golden Gates for the performances at the Middle and High Schools for the Students and then, as part of  Performing Arts Series at the Bingham Auditorium, Gould Academy.

Because Golden Gates very much supported by the Rotary Clubs across United States, we hope to meet rotarians from Rotary Club of Bethel, Maine

Actually Golden Gates group was hosted by the All Saints Academy of Polk County, in Central Florida earlier this year (2011).

Came as friends! Were greeted as friends!

Everyday for a week: Classed and Workshops

Audience participation is big part of it.

Class visits, dialogs about differences in Culture, Talks about Traditions, History, Geography, Arts and Music etc.

Questions & Answers

Performance for the different grades followed by evening program open to the parents and general public.

Made new friends. Tough about Russian Culture, tradition, Music, Instruments etc.

And Learned about American Culture.






Don’t you think it’s a good program?


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